Terms of Use

The following points all constitute the terms of usage of The Welcome Home Café, which is an online forum for business networking. Your use of the website through any medium be it computers, mobile phones, consoles or any other technology, express your inherent approval to these terms of use. Therefore, it is advised that you carefully read and understand the terms of use for this website regardless of whether you are a registered user with our website or simply visiting the website.

  1. Website Use. These terms of use form the basis for your use of this website. Using the website implies that you agree to and accept these terms of use completely. In case of these terms being unacceptable, then you must stop using the website immediately. Furthermore, you are not allowed to access, view or use the website if you are below 13 years of age.
  2. Changes in Terms of Use and Websites. The Welcome Home Café reserves the right to make changes to the website, the terms of use or the products. The Welcome Home Café is not obligated to bring the changes to your notice explicitly. However, the changes will be obvious on the website. Therefore, reviewing the terms of use of the website is your responsibility and using the website is taken as your acceptance of all the underlying changes.
  3. Changes in Products and Services. Similarly, The Welcome Home Café also reserves the right to alter, extend or suspend any of its product lines and services. In doing so, the Welcome Home Café is under no obligation to make such change be known through a prior notice and is its own choice if it chooses to serve a notice.
  4. Electronic Communication. Electronic Communication with the Welcome Home Café constitutes your consent to receive exchanges from the Welcome Home Café. This consent implies that you agree to receive all future correspondences be it disclosures, notices or promotional content through electronic or any other means. Electronic communication, in this context, constitutes sending messages to us via email or direct messages or for that matter or even visiting our website. Communications from our end constitute promotional contents in the mode of marketing messages through emails or direct messages. However, the Welcome Home Café reserves the right to alter or discontinue any features of its messages or to its website without any notice.
  5. The Welcome Home Café offers several services that can be availed for free and several that can be availed with a fee. Purchasing any service for a fee from the business gives the Welcome Home Café the right to store your payment information in order to timely process your payments as they become due. All such payments will be charged with any related taxes imposed through the law, mentioned in the terms of use or in the payment agreement with the Welcome Home Café.
  6. Accounts. In creating your account on the Welcome Home Café, you are required to provide completely accurate information about yourself. Failure to do so constitutes a breach in the terms of use and forms the ground for account termination. In making your data completely accurate, you must select your own login name and not that of any other person in an attempt to impersonate that person, use a name that is not authorized for use by other parties that trademark it, or use a name that is offensive as per the discretion of the Welcome Home Café. Once the data is provided, a login name will be generated for you and your access will be subject to your own password. You are liable for making sure that you keep this password confidential. In case of any unauthorized use of your account, you must inform us immediately. Furthermore, any unauthorized activity through your account or any attempt to impersonate a third party forms the legal basis to suspend your account. The Welcome Café does not guarantee defect-free service from its server on its website or warrant a virus-free harmful environment to function.
  7. Use of the Website: Using the Welcome Home Café website means that you accept to not use the website for any unlawful acts as mentioned in the law of the country, notices or terms and conditions. This specifically includes any attempts to interfere in the normal workings of the website by disabling any features, damaging or impairing the website’s functionality. In addition, you are not allowed to intervene in the use of the website by any third-party and hinder their enjoyment from the website or tr to obtain access to any information that may not be publicly posted on the website and hence made available intentionally. Even for the information made available intentionally on the website, the reproduction, transmission or distribution of the said material for commercial use without any prior notices and explicit content from the Welcome Home Café is prohibited.

In addition, the names “The Welcome Home Café”, “The WelcomeHomeCafe.com” are registered trademarks. The copying or use of such names by any third-party is prohibited and so is the use of any other product names, website, products or services. Mention of any third-party products or services be it suppliers, manufacturers or trademarks does not necessarily establish a link between the party and The Welcome Home Café or be termed as representation or sponsorship of the said party.

  1. Technical Difficulties. Customer satisfaction is The Welcome Home Cafe’s primary goal. Thus, we make every effort to keep the Websites in good working condition and running smoothly. However, the Welcome Home Cafe. shall not be responsible for, and will not be liable for, any loss or damages caused by temporary unavailability of the Websites due to technical issues nor can it be held accountable for services that may be dissatisfying to an individual user.
  2. By publishing any content on the website or by submitting the content to be posted, you grant the right to the Welcome Home Café in the form of a license for publishing, displaying, adapting, distributing or use the content in any manner the website sees fit. Furthermore, this content may be used in improving services or providing them in the first place. Therefore, any content posted on the website by visitors can and will be redistributed and be open for viewing by general public.
  3. User Warranties. Using this website requires that you be at least 18 years of age and possess the legal authority over these terms and conditions and promise to abide by the rules of the website as well as all such laws that concern the use of this website set by the government. Furthermore, in case where the website is used by your corporation, you take the responsibility of the conduct of employees in such an organization as well as making sure that all information provided by such employees is correct to the best of your knowledge. You must also assume responsibilities by use of the website by any minors in your household or association.
  4. The content available on the website is to be used as a general resource for the covered topics. It therefore represents unspecialized advice or opinion in certain cases. The information is not specific for your precise circumstances and its applicability may not be accurate to your situation. Therefore, the information on this website may not be extended to fit your situation or be interpreted as professional advice or opinion. In cases where professional advice is necessary, seek professional help. To ensure this, the website is not intended to be used by minors

Forum Rules

We try to make the experience for our users a positive one, so we have prepared a few rules that need to be followed:

Search before posting

When users are constantly dedicating new posts to topics that have already been covered, the forum becomes a mess of repetitive content that is doing nothing but decreasing the overall user experience. We ask of all our users to carefully search the forum with the use of the search tool in order to make sure that the topic in question has not yet had a post dedicated to it. Discover existing subjects and add to those conversations rather than starting a new one each time.

Limit to one account

All users may only open one account that they can use on our platform. We do not allow users to have multiple accounts on this forum. If you happen to lose access to your existing account, do not try and create a brand new one. Instead, try to recover the password or contact our customer service team so a solution can be found.

Prohibited speech

Anything that promotes hate or puts our site’s healthy, conversational environment in jeopardy is strictly prohibited. This means that all users should act in a manner that is:

  • Civil: refrain from posting any content or speaking in a way that goes against basic morals or could offend others who make use of the site
  • Respectful: be respectful of other users and their opinions. Do not do things that relate to harassing others, belittling their character, or posting private information about other users.
  • Appropriate: do not post content that may be seen as explicit or offensive in the eyes of others. In addition to this, appropriate content means keeping private information such as telephone numbers, personal data, and email addresses off the forum unless you are ok with others having access to the information.

If you notice a user violating these basic principles, please feel free to report it to our team. We take appropriate actions and are committed to ensuring that an overall positive community is maintained. Our moderators take care of these issues and search the forums for any posts or discussions that may be inappropriate. They reserve the right to remove any content that they find to be obstructive so that our site is performing in the way it was intended.

Post meaningful content

We encourage all of our users to post content that is of high quality and actually contributes to the overall conversation that is being held. Post materials that relate directly to the specific discussion topic, stay relevant by adding helpful advice or content that will enhance everyone’s overall experience, and keep the discussion fresh by adding new information that has not yet been brought up. All of these actions contribute to maintaining the site in the way that it has been envisioned. To make sure that our site upholds this value of quality, we have a strict policy against spam. Because of this, we advise all users to really think about what they are posting before they finish and make sure it may not be viewed as spam. Any content that is perceived to be spam can be automatically reported by pressing the spam button which will send a message to the forum’s operators.

Other prohibited content:

Advertisements/affiliate links: Any links that showcase coupons, offers, or discounts or any other form of advertisement for another platform, business, or service that is not our own is prohibited on our forums. In addition to this, promotional content that aims to increase awareness to the user themselves is also not permitted. Anyone who takes part in this will be met with serious consequences that can include permanent bans.

Illegal/inappropriate content: any content that includes features that are either directly related to or linked to illegal or inappropriate content is not allowed on our forum. This includes pirated material, copyrighted material that has been posted without the discretion of the creator, or links to adult sites.

Whole articles: please do not post articles in their entirety on this forum. Although we encourage the discussion of articles that are related to the topics being discussed, we ask that links be included to the actual article rather than the material itself.

Website Questions, Comments and Contact Information. Any and all questions, comments, complaints and/or claims should be directed to: michelle@relishyourlifenow.com, 6457 Mustang Springs Ave, Las Vegas, NV 89139, United States of America.

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