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Last Updated: 2020

The Welcome Home Cafe is an online forum for business networking. It therefore allows you to connect with people from around the world. Doing so entails that we require significant amounts of information from our users so that we may give them as efficient a service as possible. The information that we collect includes your email addresses, your card information, your browsing on our website and so on.

To ensure that our users feel at ease in providing this information, we must inform you that the Welcome Home Cafe values your privacy to the utmost. Therefore, we take it upon ourselves to safeguard all information that you provide us when you register on our site, subscribe to our content, fill any forms or respond to surveys. Furthermore, we feel it is our responsibility to keep you updated on everything we do with the information that we collect from you. Please read this privacy statement which explains how The Welcome Home Cafe processes your personal information and for what purposes.

Your Information Rights

Since the information pertains to you and we are mere service providers in all this act, you have your rights in all this information processing. You can exercise these rights at any point in time by contacting us at: These are your rights in all this:

  • Being informed. It is your right to be provided with clear information about how we are using your information. It is, therefore, our obligation to inform you clearly about our information collection, use and dispersion.
  • Erasing Information. In some situations, you have the right to bid us to delete your information that we hold. You can reach out to us with the said requests and we will reach out to you with the correct protocol according to the legal requirements in place. However, in such situations the usefulness of the data to us will also make a huge difference in how your requests are dealt with.
  • Rectification. Although we take all measures to ensure that you find it convenient to key in your data so it is always accurate, we understand that it is human to err. Therefore, you have the right to access your information at any point in time to update or rectify it. To change any information in our servers, you can contact us today.
  • Process Halting. In certain situations, you may also have the right to restrict any processing on your data that is under process.
  • Withdrawing Consent.  All processing on your information is undertaken with consent from the information provider. We take consents in the first place to ensure that we have the legal basis for any processing on your data. However, you may, in certain conditions, have the right to withdraw your consent. You can do so by reaching out to us today.
  • Complaints. If you have any issues with the way your information is being processed, you can reach out to us today. However, if you feel that we do not cater to your requests and complications with regard to our information processing, you can launch a complaint with the supervisory authority.

Protecting Your Information

Protecting your information entails that we take active measures to ensure that none of the data that you provide us is breached. Therefore, we implement an assortment of different security measures that keep your data safe from a breach by any third parties. In doing so, we keep your data safe while you are on our website by encrypting it through the Secure Socket Layer technology so that it is accessible only by relevant parties.

We also understand that you care about the information that you key-in one time. This includes your financials such as credit card numbers. To ensure complete safety and transparency, all of this information is erased from our servers after your transaction is complete.

Information Sharing

Since we promise to protect your information against all third-party breaches, you can be content that your information cannot be used for any malicious activities. But this does not include trusted third-party vendors that are employed by our very own website. We may grant your personally identifiable information to these vendors given that they uphold our privacy standards and agree to keep all your information confidential. On the other hand, we may release information that is not personally identifiable information to third parties that provide services such as marketing and advertising to the Welcome Home Café.

Moreover, information may be released when it is considered enforceable by law or some factor may stand in breach of our site policies. Furthermore, we may also release the information if property or safety of another visitor of our website is in question.

Information Transfers

What may not constitute information sharing but still moving it around, are our internal information transfers. The information that we do keep with us, such as cookies may be transferred to different locations where our systems operate. However, it is reiterated here, as has already been mentioned that no personally identifiable data transfers are made to unrelated third parties. Moreover, any information transfers are closely monitored to restrict any third-party involvements.

Furthermore, in case of growth in the form of mergers or acquisitions, your information will be moved within the organization as well. However, you will be informed of any such movements in your information and your consent acquired.

Standard Industry Tracking Information-Cookies

But, before we delve into the details of what we use your information for, the use of cookies on our website must be clarified. The Welcome Home Café runs advertisements from external advertisers. To make sure that their advertisements are relevant to you and in improving their advertisement strategies, these advertisers may use technologies such as cookies. Furthermore, this site too may use cookies to track information about visitors. This information collected includes the number of visitors to the site and the pages viewed by visitors.

What are Cookies? These are small packets of information that a website will store on your computer – with your consent, of course – through the web browser. These packets ensure that the website remembers your activity on the webpage. They also record your some of your most basic information such as your passwords and hence will remember whether you are logged in to the website or not.

Although you can restrict the cookie functionality from your browser settings, thereby restricting the information you give us, this will affect the way that your website interaction is handled. You might find that your access to forums and accounts will be hindered and your service and product availability too.


We receive information when visitors to this site sign up for our newsletter, e-books and other free items, by providing an email address. It is imperative that we store this email address because it then receives our free newsletter, e-books and/or other free items. However, we understand that you may want to opt out from our services. To help you do this as smoothly as possible, click here to opt-out of Google Analytics tracking.

Hence, any visitors who opt-in for the Free Stuff items on this page may unsubscribe anytime they want to. There are no hidden charges or information loopholes anywhere.

What Do We Use Your Information For?

To help you understand all the uses of your information saved with us, we hereby state that we use your information for the following reasons:

  • Give You A Personalized Experience: since our website caters to a wide variety of audiences from all over the world, we must ensure that each customer feels valued. In doing so, we look to allow as much personalization as possible. We do this by using your track record with our website to allow you easy accessibility to options that you usually use.
  • To Bring Improvement to Our Website: improving our website is an inherent goal for our business. The only way we can do so is by keeping in mind your preferences and how you use our website. Therefore, we use the information that you provide us to improve the way our website responds to you.
  • To Keep up Your Subscriptions: the subscriptions that you take with The Welcome Home Café reach out to you through our official emails. Therefore, the subscriptions obviously use your personal information in the face of your email address. You can subscribe at any time, as already mentioned.
  • Keeping Up Customer Support: we also use your information to keep our customer support functioning as smoothly as possible. We therefore keep a track of your customer service requests and support instances in the past.
  • Processing Transactions and Contests: for the purposes of distributing our purchased products or services to you, we share only the relevant information to outsourcing delivery services. We might further use the information you provide us for any contest that you take part in from our end.

Feedback and Content Request

As already mentioned, one of the many reasons that we make use of your information is to make sure that our website experience is optimized for all our users. We also highly value the feedback that our customers give us. In fact, we seek this very feedback from the visitors. Therefore, this site allows for visitor feedback and visitor content request that we later use to solve any issues in our website.

However, visitor personal information is not maintained in a database, nor is it shared with third parties. Visitor email addresses may be used to query visitors about their website experiences though, in order to improve our services for our visitors.

Outbound Links

Throughout this site you will find external links leading to third-party website. This may be to bring new services to you by external parties who may run their own websites. Therefore, visiting this website takes you out of the confines of the Welcome Home Café’s privacy policy to another business. Therefore, The Welcome Home Café is not responsible for the privacy policies or the content of those websites. We advise you to read their privacy policy before you read engage with any of those websites.



Changes in Privacy Policy

The Welcome Home Cafe reserves the right to change this privacy statement at any time without prior notice. Any updates to the privacy statement will appear on this page of the website. These changes may be made to reflect feedbacks from our customer and any insights that we receive with time. Furthermore, changes may be made in the privacy policy in cases where the products and services are updated. When the changes are significant enough, our visitors may even be sent email prompts to update them about the changes in privacy policy. These customers, in turn, can check the updates on policy as each update of the policy is marked with the last month of update. This is done for you to keep track of what changes are introduced and compare them. It must also be notified that if the updates to privacy policy are minor, you may not receive email prompts to keep you updated with the updates on our private policy.

Furthermore, our promotional campaigns may have their own set of privacy policies which are updated in case of a promotional campaign. So, visitors are not only encouraged to participate in a promotional campaign by The Welcome Home Café, they are also encouraged to read through the additional set of privacy statements. These will be made available on the website when such a campaign that warrants a separate privacy statement.

Contact Us

In case there is any confusion regarding this privacy policy, or you have any queries about how your information is processed in our systems, we are always open to your questions. We also provide customer support for any issues that you may have regarding our products and services. You can reach out to us and we will get back to you immediately. To reach us, send your emails at any time:

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