Perks of Our Online Forum

Why an online forum, and not a conference or regular meetups?

Many have committed to going to in-person meetups for fellow coaches, and we love when those connections happen. But those experiences seldom lend themselves to long-term interactions where you can really grow in community.

When we first identified the coaching issue of community and guidance, we realized that occasional, limited time meetings didn’t really meet the needs we were facing for continual growth and connection. As such, we decided an online outlet would be the best course of action.

Streamline Communication

Many networking events are designed for social connections, not personal ones. We wanted to find ways to streamline communication, making our chat more effective, without losing human touch.

Enable Collaboration

Another limit to physical meetups is with the limitations of travel and time. We wanted to break open this mold of community, and allow for collaboration, both locally, and globally.

Build Trust

There are specific experiences shared only by those who have gone through it. As coaches ourselves, we can understand the levels of trust it takes for clients to trust us with their lives and livelihoods, but also the trust we need to have in each other.

Drive Loyalty

Learn new tools to support your clients, and encourage them to dig deeper, and share about your services.

Improve Service

Your goal as a coach is to encourage growth in the lives or businesses of your clients. Those changes apply to you, as well! Utilize resources and the wealth of encouraging minds to improve your own service.

Get Feedback

We grow, not always by finding our own way, but by having our blind spots shared with us in ways that we can understand and work on. This is where network spaces are vital; we need a chance to give and get feedback from peers.

Convert Prospects

Learn effective ways to support clients in practical ways, as well as connect with others who may be on the fence.

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