The Welcome Home Cafe is a platform that functions as a forum focused on improving the interconnectivity of life and business coaches. It gives people within this industry everything they could possibly need to enhance their own work and contribute towards operating in a way that maximizes their own potential by collaborating with others.

The Welcome Home Cafe is perfect because it provides an opportunity for information to be passed from coach to coach which ensures accuracy and makes it all the more helpful. A range of features is offered here that include interacting directly with other coaches, accessing articles on related topics, answering questions, and anything else that has to do with business networking.

Although we offer a myriad of features that enable our users to optimize their performance as a life or business coach, one of the best benefits that come directly from our forum is the ability for anyone to reach out to others with ease in order to begin networking.

Networking allows you to grow your business in ways never before thought possible and with The Welcome Home Cafe, this process is made even easier. An instant connection to thousands of other coaches provides a platform that increases collaboration and extensive networks.

Yes, the forum and the amenities that come with it are completely free for our users. This allows anyone regardless of their personal resources to begin making a name for themselves as a coach and acquire exceptional knowledge straight from other users that improve the services they can offer to their own clients. Our site is paid for by users who decide to take advantage of our paid subscriptions that come with more advanced features along with advertising that takes place on our site which is the source of our revenue. With these methods, we are able to provide consistently free services for our users.

The idea for this forum stems from an issue that our founder recognized on many other major online business sites. The platform that these sites offered failed to allow their users to easily connect with other coaches and users on the site. Due to this, our founder decided to develop their own platform that would eliminate this issue and connect coaches and others directly with one another.

Yes, we have a diverse array of users who are located in nations all around the world. This specific aspect of our site produces a greater pool of information that encourages new ideas that may be something totally different than what you were doing before. In order to make the services more personalized, we can connect users with others who are within their region or country if they would like more familiarity.

Searches can be performed easily. Simply click the search button in the navigation bar then type in the keywords or phrases that you are interested in discovering. This will connect you to the forum posts and topics that are connected to your search using attached tags that aid in delivering the user to topics that are closest to their original search. Whatever you may be looking for regarding the coaching industry can be found within a few clicks of a button.

Yes, it is free to sign up with The Welcome Home Café. When you sign up you have Basic Membership status.

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Yes. You can cancel your memberships anytime, but you will be limited to the Basic Membership thereafter.

Yes. Your upgraded memberships will be automatically renewed unless you send notification to michelle@relishyourlifenow.

Yes, you can upgrade when you are ready to do so.

Yes. You can request a refund within 7 days of your purchase. Send your refund requests to . You will receive a refund within 7 to 10 business days.

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Member Testimonials

I‘m a member of other online networking places, but found it harder to connect with other members online. The Welcome Home Café business forum makes it easier to network and make those much-needed contacts.

Marco – Standard Member

I found my two biggest clients after joining The Welcome Home Café.

Michael – Standard Member

You can network and find your clients anytime on The Welcome Home Café, which is not the case with most regular networking places.

JoJo – Premium Member

I can advertise my business on The Welcome Home Café and since it’s reasonably priced, I can save money too!

Sherry – Premium Member


John – Basic Member

I’m glad I joined!

Trina – Basic Member

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